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Mango House: A £5,400 Home Built In Just Six Weeks - Telegraph

That, including furnishing, set him back another $3,000 (1,800). But please keep in mind, he says quickly, that this is cost-friendly Thailand. Areen admits that, much as he loves his new dome home, with curves in all the right places, he would never have built it if it had taken years to finish. It was the low cost of the project and the time-efficiency of using blocks that tempted him to play at Bob the Builder in the Thai jungle. The fact that there was no requirement to get planning permission was a bonus.

147 Ripps Road Stokers Siding NSW 2484 - Lifestyle for Sale #7639115 - realestate.com.au

The" Main House" is two levels and captures direct views down the valley and across to Mt.Warning with open living, country kitchen and 2 upstairs bedrooms with a north facing deck. The "Round House" is unique both in design and function and features 6 metre high ceilings, ocean views, all open span area with a cosy fireplace, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The "Round House" is perfect for that large family gathering or entertaining on a grand scale, or maybe just a quiet retreat away from the nuances of every day life. A covered walkway connects the "Round House" to the "Dorm House" which features a lounge area and two separate bedrooms. All three dwellings are constructed of mudbrick and local hardwoods, full length timber windows and polished hardwood floors.

1BR Limestone DIFC | Trimeta Real Estate

With the integration of arts, culture and cuisine among its establishments, the ultra-modern DIFC proves to be a city within a city ideal for the modern professional. Trimeta Real Estate is a vibrant real estate company offering mid-range to luxurious residential and commercial properties in Dubai. Properties are situated in the regions best places for urban living and business. For viewings and Urbanindo info please call Tel No. +971 4 420 9063, Mobile No.

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Developers must adapt to changing customer journey 07 March 2014 All successful shopping centre developers must be adaptable and flexible in response to the dynamic and competitive retail market. Davids shopping goliath 07 March 2014 Simon Property Groups chief plans world domination of the retail scene. Kat Spybey reports. Portraits by Dan Callister The big property checkout 07 February 2014 Activist investors want supermarkets to sell off their freehold assets to return profits to shareholders. Kat Spybey reports.

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